How is Snoring Treated?

We treat snoring by making more room for your tongue to come forward. We do this with a removable dental splint that helps your lower jaw move to a more forward and more open position. This creates more space for the tongue to come forward so that there is more room for air to pass behind your soft palate and the back of your tongue without causing vibration of those tissues.

Each snoring splint is custom made for your mouth and soft tissues. We are able to modify the fit of the splint, the amount of jaw opening, and the amount of forward movement of the jaw. This allows us to create a splint that is perfect and comfortable for you.

Before we can treat you for snoring, we must be sure that you do not have obstructive sleep apnea, so an overnight sleep test must be done and reviewed by a certified sleep doctor. To treat you we must take a medical history, do a physical evaluation, take jaw x-rays to be sure the splint will not cause harm to your teeth, and take impressions of your teeth. At the second appointment, about one week later, the splint is checked for fit and comfort, we teach you use and care of the splint, and you take it home. There is a follow-up appointment about two weeks to a month later, so any final adjustments may be made.
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